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Sergey krayev

Sergey Krayev is an American citizen who immigrated from Moldova. He relocated to the U.S. with his family in search of the American dream while still a school-going child. In the U.S., they settled in Buffalo, N.Y., Sergey speaks and writes fluent Russian. While growing up, Sergey realized that upstate New York did not suit him, so he decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, where he lived for several years. In the year 2000, he graduated from DeVry University with a bachelor’s degree in science Telecommunication Management.

After working for five years in project management, he joined Stanford University to pursue the institution’s Stanford Advanced Management Program. The program improved his project management skills as a project manager overseeing various project types and sizes and initiatives. Sergey Krayev currently lives in Johns Creek. He has been a previous resident of multiple places, such as Roswell and Marietta, in Georgia. He is married to Polina and loves his family and friends.

Sergey Krayev has been a hard-working managing director at Partnership Network since 2014. The company, which is located in the Greater Atlanta region, aims at creating global cooperation marketing channels that focus on the tech setup sector that offers program analytics, optimization, and developing and implementing the go-to-market approach. He was responsible for developing global partnership marketing mediums and supervising the tech start-up department.

Furthermore, Sergey Krayev is the current vice president of Strategic Development at Vertical LLC. Since 2014. The company is located in Alpharetta, GA. Vertical is a rapidly expanding company specializing in multifamily upgrading in the southern U.S. The specialization of the company is in the interior and exterior renovations, where it executes many projects within Atlanta and its environs. At vertical, he is responsible for the supervision of Assets management, design and engineering services (to assist development projects), optimizing operations, and program development marketing.

Sergey Krayev has previously worked in different positions at various companies. For close to two years (May 2014 to June 2016), he worked as a Strategic Advisor at Clickagy, a third-party provider of digital marketing data and analytics proprietary leverages and innovative artificial intelligence. Between February 2013 and May 2014, he served as the Director of marketing and e-commerce at Sage, where he was responsible for developing business strategies across North America, calibrating marketing channels and global initiative collaboration, and product development.

From June 2011 to August 2012, Sergey Krayev had a good experience at his role of heading e-marketing and e-commerce at Mizuno Corporation, which engages in manufacturing and marketing sporting products with its subsidiaries. He was responsible for promoting initiatives to enhance e-commerce approaches to increase sales and boost online user experience, guiding the integration of online mediums with social media platforms and social listening tools for both long and short term business plans, and guided product go-to-market and closeout approaches for racing, baseball, softball and, volleyball North American divisions.

While serving as a global interactive manager at Kimberly-Clark between 2008 and August 2011, Sergey Krayev was responsible for developing and implementing the global B2B interactive approach for different product venues. He guided the development of a paid search SEO/SEM strategy to increase Kimberly-Clark web properties user traffic and creating a method of enhancing online user experience by collaborating with clients and product management crew.

For the past 20 years, Sergey Krayev has helped numerous businesses establish their brand presence and attain their objectives. He has created a process that empowers your product and provides your business with crucial achievement tools. Additionally, he offers consulting services that will assist you in identifying disparities and opportunities. He will give a complete report of the findings and a project plan with deadlines to analyze costs. These are customized plans to assist you in achieving your objectives quickly and seamlessly. It doesn’t matter whether your business is just starting or it is already established. He will help you create a brand story that relates to your customers.

It is said that the worth of a man is similar to his ambitions. Krayev is undoubtedly a success story. While many people prefer working alone, having a supportive and cooperative team member can translate to more success in your business. Even Sergey did not succeed alone, and neither will you. Contact Sergey if you want to see your business grow, he will use his experience to guide you through the success process in your business by boosting your growth and turnover. Sergey offers you experience as the most valuable tool.

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